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Garage Storage Ideas That Will Maximise Your Space

The main problem for most garages is that there is just too much stuff. From sports equipment to power tools, upcycling projects and spare plant pots, second cars and old furniture, there often just isn’t space in garages for the things we need.

Garage storage space is a key benefit of having a garage in the first place, but it does not need to be inaccessible or chaotic. Here are five ways to make the most of garage storage space.

In this blog, we’ll cover 5 main garage storage methods that will create more room in your garage.

Make The Most Of Vertical Space

Vertical space is the empty areas above head height. If all your things are on the floor of your garage, you are not making effective use of space.

Wall Shelves

Most garages have shelving of some sort, but is it fit for purpose? Is it deep enough to keep all your boxes off the floor? Is it sturdy enough to get things down safely? Is it well organised? Install floor-to-ceiling shelving that suits your needs in as many areas as possible to keep items organised and accessible.

Use A Track System


A track system is perfect for hanging irregular items close to the walls. Track systems are made up of strong plastic or metal extruded tracks and a variety of hooks. You may have seen them used in shops to hang products. Once the track is fixed to the wall, you can add hooks at any distance to organise tools, ladders, extension cables and more.

Hang Bikes Up Out Of The Way


Bike hooks are a fantastic way to create more space in your garage. Sturdy hooks that are fixed securely to the wall allow you to rack bikes up off the ground and save space.

Hang Ladders Rather Than Leaning Them

Similarly, hanging your ladders saves floor space and ensures you can always get to them when you need them. Rather than moving a mountain of tools to get to your ladder, simply lift it off its dedicated hooks.

Choose A Car Lift For Less Used Cars

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If you have more than one car or you rarely drive, a car lift is a fantastic way to make use of vertical space.

Car Storage Lifts

Car storage lifts elevate your vehicle to a comfortable height, making room for your main car underneath. Rather than keeping two cars side by side, you can store them vertically and reclaim valuable floor space.

A 2-post car lift can raise vehicles to a height of 2.10m, providing ample headroom beneath the vehicle if you have a single garage. The posts are to the rear, taking up little space themselves.

Car Storage Stackers

If you have quite a bit of space, you can lift two to three cars with a car stacker. These elevate vehicles one on top of the other, with space for a third underneath.

Place Toolboxes And Divided Containers On Shelves

Your garage will feel much more spacious if you store toolboxes and other containers on shelves. It is also better for your back, as you can store them at the right height to carry easily to where you are working, rather than lifting them from the floor.

Add Labels To Help Find Items Easily

When you put boxes on shelves, you might struggle to tell them apart. Add labels that tell you everything that is in the container to make access easier.

Use Clear Boxes

Another solution is to choose clear containers with clip-top lids. This way you can see everything that is inside the box and easily spot the items you want.

Store Gardening Tools Near The Garage Door

Gardening is hard enough without having to climb over two bikes and a ladder to get to your equipment. Keep shovels, pots, lawnmowers and compost near the garage door for easy access.

Choose A Folding Lawn Mower

A folding lawnmower can save a lot of space. Because the handle folds down, both the length and height of the lawnmower are halved.

Tidy Up Regularly

Now that you’ve saved a lot of garage storage space, keep it clear and easy to use by putting things back in the right place. As much as you’re exhausted after a DIY session, putting your tools back helps keep them organised and you’ll find them more easily next time.


By far the most space-saving solution here is to choose a car lift. These are game changers for our customers, as with the vehicle elevated up and out of the way, the whole garage floor becomes a space where they can put up temporary workbenches, exercise freely or keep another car. Alternatively, car lifts can support other large items up to 5000kg, such as small boats, camper vans or kit car projects.

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