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XLT Electric Release

  • 240v 3500KG Capacity

  • Deluxe 24v Push Button Operation, No Levers

  • Folding Up Ramps & Concealed Motor Unit

  • Extra Tall Lift Height, Longer Platforms & Wider

Price £3800 inc vat.

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Electric Release Four Post Parking Lift

The extra tall version of the popular  electric release four post.

Specially designed to be simple operation at the touch of a button using 24v lock release rather than manual lock levers. Also additional nice finishing touches such as control gear horizontally mounted at back of platform and folding ramps.

Although tested and certified as a workshop lift, this lift, we do sell the most for double parking for lack of space, so two cars on the place of one.
one stone.

But in other areas, this lift is very popular as additional parking. such as leasing companies, car companies, fleet owners. Also home use by individuals is common, By using the free space in the top of your garage there may be still be two cars inside your garage. or in the most cases the Classiccar on top of the lift in the winter months and weekday car just below. Because of the attractive low price of this lift is ideal for home use.

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four post parking lift
four post parking lift

Lift Specification

Lifting Capacity 3500KG
Maximum Lifting Height 2160mm to underside off bed.
Platform Length 4900mm
Outside Width 28300mm
Total Length (ex up ramps) 5135mm
Power Supply 240V
Motor Power 2.2kw
Fuse Protection Required 16C or 16D
Unit Weight 1150kg


Optional Extras

We have a full compliment of extra items available to go with your four post lift.

Drip Trays  – Plastic drip trays to sit in between the platforms to prevent drips on the car below. These fill up 50% of the length. So two sets are required if you want to fill the full length.

Extra Long Alloy Ramps – A set of aluminium ramps that are extra long to allow lower profile race cars onto the lift.

LED Lighting Kit  – Only available if installation is opted for. Designed to illuminate the car below.

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This lift is from our deluxe electric lock release range and comes with the following benefits.

  1. Electric 24V lock solenoids, so the lift is controlled by the touch of a button.
  2. Cable brake slack sensors rather than mechanical locks
  3. Fold in half up ramps that simply fold back to reduce the length when not in use.
  4. Hydraulic control gear mounted horizontally at back of the platform rather than on post to make lift look neater.

All pulleys come with retaining bolts which prevent the cables from coming off the pulleys. The lifts have the hydraulic cylinder already inserted inside the platform when delivered with the lifting cables also routed around the pulleys in the platforms so you then just have to take each cable to its corresponding corner when installing.

24v limit switches on the electric release lift whenever any of the cables are slack and if sensed it immediately engages the locks to prevent that corner from coming down. Manual release has sprung loaded secondary latches that engage if cables go slack.


Whether you want to collect your lift yourself, or have it delivered and installed. Lift Giant can provide you with the package that’s right for you.

Collection only: You’ll need to collect your lift from our haulage depot on a flatbed trailer or in a long wheelbase van. We’ll load your lift onto your transport for you using our forklift trucks.

We supply your lift with a comprehensive installation manual including picture instructions. The manual and instructions are aimed towards those with a mechanical understanding.

Delivery: Our distribution team has a solution for delivery to all types of addresses. Simply contact us with information about where your lift is being delivered to. Along with what equipment, if any, is available and we’ll provide you with a competitive quote.

Delivery and Installation: Our comprehensive installation service does everything for you. Our network of approved installation teams can carry out the full installation for you.


All Lift Giant lifts come with a 1-year parts warranty as standard. This can be upgraded at point of purchase to a 2 or 3 year warranty as well for a small extra charge.

It’s important that you remember to carry out regular servicing on your lift. This is vital to ensure safe and smooth operation throughout your lifts lifecycle.

Lift Giant has a range of servicing plans to help keep your lift in perfect working order. With our servicing plans, there’s no need to check servicing requirements or dates. Our servicing team will contact you when your next service is due.

Contact us today to discuss all your servicing needs.


Lift Giant are a customer focused company. We believe in looking after our clients and their lifts.

Low Prices: By combining our strong buying power and sourcing network with keeping our overheads to a minimum, we’re able to offer you the lowest price possible. That’s why we’re confident that we won’t be beaten for price on any of our lifts.

Quick Turnaround: We know how important sorting your storage problem out is. That’s why we have storage in both the UK and Holland. And with constant deliveries straight from the factory, we aim to either have your lift in stock, or delivered very quickly.

Great Quality: Our vast experience and expertise gives us the knowhow to work very closely with our factories. Requesting precise specifications for every lift and detailing the exact components needed. From the hydraulic hose specification to the sensitivity of the anti-burst vales. No detail is too small to make a huge difference to your lift.

It’s this attention to detail that sets us apart and delights our clients with the quality, endurance and power of our lifts. When you choose Lift Giant, you’re choosing the market leaders. And you’re rewarding yourself, and your cars with the best service, price and quality lifts on the market.

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