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2300kg 240v Two Post : Price £3250 Inc Vat

Two post parking lift

  • 240v – 2300kg Capacity

  • Space Saving Daisy Chain Design

  • Solid Low Profile Platform

  • Elegant Design To Show Your Cars

We also offer installation. Please fill out contact form for quote. Price listed is for kit only.

two post parking lift

Two post-car parking lifts

We provide reliable and elegant two-post car lift systems for a space-saving car parking solution. Raise your vehicle and double your parking space with our high-quality equipment.

Built with strong materials and designed by experts, our two-post lifts are safe and effective. Controls are designed for simple operation with strong electronic locking systems.

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Complete solid platform makes parking your cars nice and simple with full width up ramp to aim at. This platform also stops drips of oil and other liquids onto cars below.

Double sided post design allows for lifts to be installed in rows and keeping footprint to a minimum. Although using shared posts you can still operate lifts individually.

Posts set towards the rear end of the platform to give as much access as possible when getting in and out of the car.

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Technical information:

Lifting Capacity: 2300kg

Power Requirement: 240v 16Camp fuse

Lifting Height: 2100mm Limit switch cut out

Total Width 2555mm

Height Of Post: 3010mm

Platform Width: 2100mm (2300mm on special order)

Platform Length: 3927mm

Concrete requirement: 125mm thickness 20 n/mm per square mm.

2 Post Car Lifts For Classic Cars

The main benefit of a 2-post car parking lift is that you get a complete view of the vehicles. The posts are to the rear of the vehicle, with a reinforced platform to provide strong lifting from a single axis. This lift has a maximum capacity of 2300kg, so is perfect for sports vehicles, classic cars and kit cars.

Commercial Storage Solution

With the double sided posts coming as standard these lifts can be installed in rows, making great use of space compared to other lift models. Simply add on another platform and a post to an existing lift to create another space. Clear floor meaning no hoses or chains running on the floor means you can drive through underneath so often clients install these in rows in front of each other.

Parking Lifts With A Compact Design

These two lifts are designed to use minimal space for maximum lifting. Our two-post car lift has a daisy chain design, meaning the posts of multiple lifts can be linked together to create a two-tier vehicle display bank. While the four-post lifts can take up considerable space around the posts, the two-post lift eliminates this issue and allows drivers more leeway when parking underneath the raised platform.

Ideal for Both Private and Commercial Use

Whether you’re looking to lift your personal vehicles and create more space at home, or you’re expanding a fleet, these two-post lifts are the perfect solution. With a two-post car lift, you get a more elegant profile than with four posts, allowing your vehicles to steal the show.


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✓ Safe, solid and easy-to-use
✓ Ideal for both private and commercial use
✓ Interconnecting columns for extra space-saving
✓ Suitable for long-term storage of cars
✓ Impressive lifting height of 2100mm
✓ Strong lifting capacity of 2300kg

✓ Compact design to save more space
✓ Closed lifting platform to protect lower cars


We are so confident in the quality and reliability of our two post parking lifts that we offer an industry leading 5 year complete lift parts and labour warranty on all lifts installed and serviced by ourselves every 12 months..

Although others may offer a 5 year structural warranty they exclude things such as hydraulic components or electrical item. We include everything, even the labour.

For any lifts purchased for self install the lifts come with a 5 year structural warranty and 2 year for other component warranty.

To benefit from the full 5 year parts and labour warranty it is important to keep your servicing up to date as any late services with invalidate this warranty.

For piece of mind we can price fix our servicing for five years if paid for at the same time as purchasing your lift.

Two-Post Car Parking Lift FAQs: 

Make an informed decision about your two-post parking system by browsing our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the information you need here, our team will happily answer questions over the phone.

How do car lifts work?

Our car lifts are hydraulically powered. The two-post parking lifts use a 240v hydraulic power unit, which pumps pressurised oil into a hydraulic cylinder which is vertically mounted behind the post.

The cylinder is attached to a chain and pulley that attaches it to the platform. As the cylinder extends, the chain then pulls up the platform. All our car lifts have mechanical safety locks which engage as the lift raises.

How do car lifts save space?

Rather than fitting two cars side by side in a garage, you can make the most of your space by raising one vehicle. A car lift allows you to park another car underneath when raised, making the most efficient use of space in your garage or parking facility.

How much do two-post car lifts cost?

The price for a single-tier two-post car lift typically starts at £2900, not including delivery and installation fees.

For a triple-stacking two-post car lift, with two raised platforms, the cost starts at £9000.

What other types of car lifts do we offer?

At Lift Giant, we supply 2-post car lifts as well as:

  • Four-post car lifts
  • Extra-tall four-post car lifts
  • Triple stacker car lifts
  • and Double-wide car lifts
Do we offer free delivery and installation?

No, delivery and installation are not included in our prices. 

We offer three different levels of service:

Supply only: Customers can collect parking lifts from our depot in Redditch to then assemble themselves.

Delivery only: We require the postcode of the customer’s property and ask if they have any unloading facilities such as forklift, as well as if it is residential or commercial. From this, we can work out the size of the delivery vehicle required and then quote based on this. Each delivery job is quoted individually as many factors go into the delivery price. We make sure we have the resources to meet the individual needs of the customer.

Delivery and Installation: As well as delivering the parking lift, we unload, assemble and install your parking lift for you, ensuring we have the right tools for the job. Like delivery only, we offer personalised quotes for this service so that we can provide the right level of service for each job.

How long do car lift installations take?

We aim to complete car lift installations within 5 hours of arrival.

The reason for this amount of time is that any car lift installation requires checks of the space, time to unload the lift safely, the installation itself and safety testing prior to completion.

Our engineering teams have plenty of practice in providing efficient installations.

What if there is an issue with my car lift?

By taking out a car lift maintenance contract, you ensure your car lift is regularly serviced and that you can contact us for repairs as needed.

At Lift Giant, we provide third-party car lift servicing as well as maintenance for our customers. Any car lift owner can hire our team for car lift servicing, repositioning or maintenance whether they bought the lift from us or not.

What is the difference between two- and four-post car lifts?

As the names suggest, four-post car lifts have four posts, one at each corner, while two-post car lifts have just two at the rear. The two-post design requires a sturdier base to balance the weight of the car and a stronger platform to ensure the vehicle stays level.

A four-post car lift can lift almost 1 tonne more weight than the two-post models, so if you are lifting anything over 2500kg a four-post lift is the sturdier option. However, most cars, particularly classic cars and luxury cars are well under the 2500kg weight limit.


We make our bread and butter by providing bespoke parking lifts to our customers’ exact requirements.

We provide design and project management services to ensure your 2-post lift is:

  • Functional
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Sustainable
  • On-time
  • Well-sized
  • And Cost-Effective

We stay in contact throughout the design and construction process, so you can discuss your car lift with our friendly and knowledgeable team at any point.

Other Services We Offer 

Bespoke Car Lift Design

We know a one-size-fits-all approach is not what everyone needs. We offer a complete bespoke design service to create a car lift that fits your individual space. Browse our parking lift projects to see what our car lift designs can achieve.

Design Consultation: Our initial project conversation via telephone or video call will help us get a full understanding of your requirements. We’ll discuss the types of car you want to elevate, the space available and your budget. With all this information, we’ll put together a design that works for you.
Proposal:  Once our design is complete, we provide a proposal to meet your brief, supplying you with specifications, technical drawings and example images along with our quote.

Installation: Our engineers will deliver and install your car lift, ensuring the system is fully set up and ready to use.

Servicing and maintenance

Just like a car needs looking after, a car lift requires some maintenance. Keep your car lift system in top condition with a Lift Giant servicing package. We offer contracts to cover repairs and servicing, essential for systems that are used frequently.

Third-Party Lift Installations

While we hope everyone buys their car lift from us, we know there are other manufacturers. We are happy to help with car lift installation, removal or relocation, whether we made your lift or not. Our installation teams have worked with most types of parking lifts. We can provide a quote for third-party parking lift installations on request.

We are more than happy to help.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions, our dedicated team at Lift Giant offer years of experience in carparking lift solutions.