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Triple Level Parking Lift

  • Multi Level Space Saving Car Stacker

  • Super Low Profile Entry Ramps

  • Maximise Wasted Height In Building

  • Special Sleek Design

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triple level parking lift

Our unique designed triple parking lift allows you to really make the most of your available space. The extra low profile design of the platforms allow for even low profile sports cars to be parked. We have not scrimped on the lifting capacity either with that additional height, allowing you to park up to 2500kg on first platform and 2000kg on top platform.

More Information:

How does the triple level lift work?

The Lift Giant four post triple level is the ideal car stacking lift for a range of different customers, from classic car storage businesses, to vehicle hire firms and even private collectors wanting to increase their car storage space.

Essentially the four post triple level parking lift is very much the same as a four post lift you would find in an MOT station. Using a 240v hydraulic pump this then powers a hydraulic cylinder in the platform. This then connected to the lifting cables which go from underneath the platform then round pulleys in the ends of the cross beams and up to the top of the posts.

As the hydraulic cylinder extends the cables then raise up the platforms until you either take your finger off the up button or the limit switch engages.

The unique design of our four post triple level parking lift means that the hydraulic cylinder is enclosed in the middle platform. The top platform is hollow and is in simple terms just a pallet that gets raised by the middle platform.

So when you want to raise the top platform up the two platforms travel up together until the lift reaches its very top limit switch. Then by pressing the lock button the top platform engages on lock hooks but the middle platform then continues on down for you to load the middle vehicle.

Why is the Lift Giant Triple Four Post Special?

Due to the middle platform doing all the lifting and the top platform being just a pallet this means the top platform can sleave around the middle platform when it is down. This giving it a very low closed profile so great for driving on low sports cars.

Other triple level lifts on the market have separate top and middle level lifts which mean when they are down at ground level they are twice the thickness and the top level platform is near impossible to drive on to.

Additional benefit to our design is that the lift only has four posts. Making it look neater and not detracting from the cars being stored.

  • 240v – 2000kg top level – 2500kg mid level

  • Special low profile platforms

  • Maximise car storage potential

  • Multiple installation specialists

Is this lift 240v single phase?

Yes this lift uses a 3kw 240v single phase motor. But due to it being a 3kw motor and there being a spike in current as the motor first turns they come fitted with a 32amp male plug and need to be on a motor rated ring main on your supply side. 

Can this lift be used outdoors?

As standard we hold stock of our indoor powder coated lifts. But for special order we can have them produced with a galvanised finish and all control gear IP rated to make them suitable for outdoor installation.

What can I do about cars that drip oil?

We understand that all cars, be it classics or even modern supercars can drip fluids so we offer a selection of options for stopping fluids dripping from one car to another.

For top level we can offer metal infill panels to fill in the complete length between the platforms. These are an optional extra so not included in base price.

For the mid level due to the way the top level sleaves around the mid platform we can provide plastic trays that are lifting in once the middle car is lifted but are to be removed when you need to retrieve the top vehicle.

What are the dimensions of the lift?

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We have lots of different options available when it comes to delivery and installation. Options include self collection, delivery only or our full deliver and install packages.

Collection only: Starting with you collecting your lift from our haulage depot on for example a flat bed trailer or in a long wheel base van, where we will load the stillage onto your transport with one of our forklift trucks. If this is your chosen option please do consider that the lift comes as one large metal stillage, so you will need to have suitable equipment for unloading at your end, such as an engine crane or forklift. It is supplied with a comprehensive installation manual with picture instructions, aimed at those with a mechanical understanding.

Delivery: We either have our own fleet of delivery vehicles or we can use our very good rates with a pallet network to get lifts all over the UK. For deliveries to addresses without unloading facilities such as residential addresses we can deliver with vehicles capable of unloading on your behalf. We have an option for all types of addresses so contact us with a bit of information about where you want your lift delivering too and we can quote you accordingly.

Delivery and installation: For those of you who want just a push button solution we offer a complete installation service. Either through our own team of installers if you are based close enough to our Midlands head office or via an approved team of third party installers we can offer you a complete service. Dependent on the locality the lift will either come with the installers on the day or in further afield locations where third party installers are used we aim to get it delivered the day before. For a quotation please provide us with your post code and we will come back to you with a competitive rate.

Our lifts come with a 12 month parts warranty which we can quote to extend to up to five years. Along side this there is a 5 year steel structure warranty. Warranty is a parts only warranty, no labour is included, this is chargeable if required. On any installations we do we offer a 30 day period for call back, please bear in mind that these are pieces of machinery so you will need to do safety, checks, maintenance and servicing throughout the life of your lift.

For piece of mind we can price fix our servicing for five years if paid for at the same time as purchasing your lift.

To successfully stack three cars on top of each other you will need a minimum of 5500mm of height. This is based on you parking three average height hatchback vehicles.

Due to the design of this lift and the top platform going up to catch on lock hooks you cannot adjust the height of the platform. Should you want to store three cars in a building with less height than this please contact us and we can provide you with a bespoke quotation.

The lifts need to go down on to a sound and level concrete base. This base should be free of cracks and posts should not be positioned over expansion joints.

The thickness of the slab is to be a minimum of 250mm concrete and a minimum grade of C25 concrete. Rebar reinforcement is not required.

If you are not sure of your concrete thickness then you can find out by doing a test drill or in worse case scenario then you can do a core sample of the concrete slab.

Also it is important to make sure you are certain there are no services such as gas, electric or water running under the locations where the posts are going.

We are more than happy to help.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions, our dedicated team at Lift Giant offer years of experience in carparking lift solutions.