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two post parking lift

A Car Parking Lift to Suit Your Space

Car parking lifts provide space-efficient storage for multiple vehicles. By elevating a vehicle with a parking lift or car storage lift, you can double your available space. Parking lifts are available in sizes small enough for a residential garage and large enough for industrial-scale parking facilities.

At Lift Giant, we provide car lift systems for every type of vehicle type in any space. Whether you’re looking to increase long-term vehicle storage space at home or create room for an expanding fleet of company vehicles, our parking lift options can double or even triple the space you have available.

Expanding your parking space with a parking lift means no longer struggling to fit your vehicles into storage. Each vehicle has a dedicated space, with sturdy, secure lifting mechanisms to ensure maximum safety.

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Our Range Of Car Parking Lift

We source parking lift products from around the world to meet the unique needs of our customers. While we design systems to fit every parking situation, there are a few staples to our systems.

Two Post Parking Lift

We provide two types of two-post vehicle lifts – a standard car lift and a triple-stacking lift. The right solution for your needs depends on how many vehicles you want to stack, their weight, and the ceiling height of your garage or facility.

Ideal for car dealerships and classic collections, a two-post parking lift can provide a more aesthetic layout in your parking facility, as the posts do not obscure the view of your vehicles.

2 Post Car Lifts Two Post Car Lift Two Post Triple Parking Lift
Lifting Capacity (kg) 2300 5000 (2500 per level)
Max Lifting Height (m) 2.10 3.76 (to top tier)
Runway Length (m) 3.96 4.5
Outside Width (m) 2.576 2.68
Power Supply (V) 240 380

 Our two-post car lifts can only be operated by a key, adding extra security for vehicles on the upper level. This lift also has multiple locking positions, allowing you to stop your lift safely at various points.

The two-post lift also uses a modular daisy chain design, allowing you to combine multiple lifts into a single structure by joining the slim posts. This saves space between vehicles and provides the perfect way to store and display your fleet.

  • 2300kg Capacity
  • Slim posts, modular installation
  • Easy to use, key operated

Four Post Parking Lift

A free-standing four-post parking lift is a sturdy and popular solution, and we have a few options with four posts.

4 Post Car Lift  Manual Release Standard INT 208SE INT 208 SE XLT INT 208 Klein
Lifting Capacity (kg) 3600 3500 3500 3500
Max Lifting Height (m) 1.9 1.8 2.16 2.45
Runway Length (m) 4.00 4.08 4.9 3.5
Outside Width (m) 2.60 2.66 2.83 2.56
Power Supply (V) 240 240 240 240
Unit Weight (kg) 850 850 1150 850

Able to lift a vehicle weighing a maximum of 3600kg up to 1900mm above the floor, our standard four-post parking lift is perfect for easily turning one space into two. This weight capacity is enough to handle most cars including luxury saloon cars and SUVs.

  • 3600kg Capacity
  • Free-standing

We also have electric release parking lifts with four posts, which have a weight capacity of 3500kg but operate to various heights. 

These also include folding ramps and concealed motor units, for a slicker appearance. Get an extra tall lift heigh with the INT 208SE XLT, as well as longer and wider platforms. We also have the INT 208 Klein four-post car lift for shorter spaces.


Triple Car Parking Lifts

Make use of wasted height in your building and triple your parking space with a three-tier parking lift. With super-low profile entry ramps, this design is perfect for sports cars or vehicles with lower front bumpers.

Choose from:

Four-post triple car lift, with a weight capacity of 2500kg on the first tier and 2000kg on the top (4500kg total)

Two-post triple car lift, with unique torsion levelling design, 2500kg capacity on each tier (5000kg total) and an electric lock release system

Double-wide triple-level parking lift, providing the most space-efficient lift available with a weight capacity of 4500kg per platform (9000kg total).

 Double Wide Parking Lift

Our Double-wide parking lift design can make the most of your space, removing the central posts to allow you more flexibility for maneuvering cars on the lower tier. With a maximum capacity of 4500kg per platform, folding ramps and a deluxe electric lock release, this option is a space-efficient car storage lift.

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Delivery & Installation for All Car Storage Lift Systems

We provide personalised collection, delivery and installation to suit you. If you have suitable transport and facilities for unloading on arrival, you are welcome to collect your car storage lift from our depot. We will support you with loading your car lift and provide a comprehensive installation manual and leave the rest to you.

Delivery is available throughout the UK. We can provide forklifts on delivery for unloading at your address if these are unavailable, such as at residential properties.

Our comprehensive installation service provides everything you need, as long as the appropriate power supply is in place on the day. We aim to construct and install your car lift in under 5 hours.


At Lift Giant, we specialise in providing car storage lifts that meet the exact requirements of your space and vehicles. We provide project management and design services to provide you with a car storage lift that is:

  • Functional
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Sustainable
  • And Cost-Effective

You can contact us at any point during your project to discuss the process with our friendly and knowledgeable team, from design to installation.


Other Services We Offer 

Every project deserves exceptional support, and our experience in parking and stacking systems enables us to provide the following services. Read in more detail about our services here.

Design Consultation: With either a telephone or video call, we get a full understanding of your requirements and discuss your budget to decide whether a standard model or a bespoke design is best for you.

Proposal: From this initial consultation, we come up with a proposal to meet your brief. We provide specifications, technical drawings and example images along with our quote.

Installation:Our team of engineers are highly experienced and will ensure your car stacking system is safe to use by the time they leave.

Servicing and maintenance

Ensure the longevity of your parking system with a servicing package from Lift Giant. Our engineers offer maintenance contracts to cove

Third-Party Lift Installations

In some cases, you may wish to install or relocate an existing lift from another manufacturer. Our installation teams are happy to work on any type of parking lift, and can provide a quote for third-party parking lift installations on request.

We are more than happy to help.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions, our dedicated team at Lift Giant offer years of experience in carparking lift solutions.