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Vehicle Lift projects

Here is a selection of example projects to give you a flavour of what we could do for you.


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Triple Level Four Post Lift

This was an installation for a client who wanted to store as many cars as possible and had the benefit of having a tall internal roof height. So it was decided that the triple level parking lift was the right option for him.

Allowing him to park his selection of vintage cars so they were all on show. The lifts had double sided posts so they worked for lifts on either side, saving space and giving the installation a much sleeker finish.

The installation was done in two phases, with the top row of lifts being installed to begin with to get the cars up and out the way with the bottom row then added after. A great benefit of the triple level having independent platforms, so you do not have to install it all at the same time. You can grow with the demand for parking spaces.

Sliding Parking Pallets

Not an installation of our own but a recent job completed but our suppliers in Poland. Showcasing their sliding parking pallets which move either left or right.

In this case they were use in office block parking to create additional parking spaces so they could in theory double deep park the cars. Allowing people to access the cars behind without needing to move the cars in front.

We now have these added to the range of systems on offer at liftgiant so please get in contact if you have a project that these would be helpful for.

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