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Staffordshire Motor Hub – Mixed Installation Triples & Double Stackers

Project Details:

We were contacted by staffordshire motorhub who are a thriving independent performance used car dealership with a problem. They needed extra space as taking cars in and out of the showroom every night was leading to damage to cars during movement and it was clogging up space in the workshop area.

So we arranged a site visit and discussed on site what we felt the best layout and selection of our vehicle stackers were going to be best to maximise the extra storage. There was a great amount of height in the building so it was decided that our triple stacker lifts were the way to go.

In the end we installed 5 units of our single wide triple level parking lifts and 1 unit of the double wide model. Safe to say the client was happy with the end outcome and the 12 extra parking spaces we were able to provide him with. Not to mention the wow factor the show room now has when you go in and see a wall of triple stacked cars.

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