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LGX35 Mid Rise Scissor : Price £1950 Inc Vat (Click To Order)

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  • Single Phase 240v
  • 3500kg Capacity
  • 1000mm Lifting Height
  • 110m Closed Profile.

The LGX35 is a new lift suitable for panel repairs, changing tyres and working under the vehicle. Raise vehicles to standing height safely and securely with this car scissor lift.

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How Our LGX35 Car Scissor Lift Works

Using a 240v hydraulic power unit powering two cylinders connected to the scissor giving lifting power. This system allows the LGX35 mid-rise lift to raise up to 3500kg with solid suspension, and gently lower vehicles without wheels with minimal impact.

Without a cross-stay between the platforms, you have full access to the underside of the car for basic repairs. Get in touch for a personalised quote.

What is special about the Lift Giant LGX35?

A lot of thought has gone into the design and features on the X35 scissor lift to make it both user friendly but also excellent value for money.

  • Assisted Fulcrom: giving the scissor a boost instead of the cylinders being directly connected to the scissor, it allows the cylinder to start extending before taking the load.
  • 24v Electric Lock Release: Simple push button opperation, just push the down button and it automatically releases the locks. No need for additional air compressors.
  • Extending Up Ramps: Up ramps can be locked in the horizontal position to take longer wheel base vehicles, making the lift truly versatile.

LGX35 Scissor Quote Request Form

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Perfect for detailers and commercial garages

This freestanding scissor lift is perfect for use in home and commercial garages, whether you run a body shop, car detailer, mechanics or restoration company. It is one of the most convenient scissor lifts on the market and is perfect for use in a residential garage.


When closed, the LGX35 has a profile of just 110mm, making storage and transport simple.
It is also so low that you can simply drive most cars onto the lift driveways without ramps. Or if being used in a domestic garage you can just park your every day car over it when not in use so does not take up valuable space. Simply then place the rubber pads under the jacking points when you raise the car and up you go.


You don’t need to bolt the lift to the floor, and you can move it to wherever you need it.
Your mid-rise mobile scissor lift comes with the mobility kit included. Most suppliers charge extra for this, but with Lift Giant, you get it as standard.

Simply move the lift from bay to bay in a matter of minutes, great for when the lift is being used as an estimating station or if you want to use the lift outdoors on a sunny day.

If being used on a polished concrete or tiled floor you might want to put some rubber sheeting down first to create some friction.


The LGX35 Scissor Lift takes just 40 seconds to reach its maximum height of 1000mm, so you can get to work almost immediately.

Simple operation at the touch of a button, press the up button and up the lift raises, take your finger off and it stops straight away. Then can be locked off by pressing the lock button and will lower the lift onto the last mechanical latch you want past, mechanically locking it indefinitely until you want to bring the car down.


Blue Zone

Economy grouped delivery £290  Or  Express dedicated trip £450

Green & Yellow Zone

Economy grouped delivery £320  Or  Express dedicated trip £480

Red Zone

Economy grouped delivery £400  Or  Express dedicated trip £700

Grey Zone

Price by application only

Central London – Prices as per red zone

All deliveries done on flatbed van with tail lift and pallet truck with lift delivered to driveway so clear access is required. Van will reverse up as close to garage entrance as possible to deliver but no guarantees made they can leave it in your garage.

Named day and timed delivery only available with express service. Otherwise for grouped service we will tell you the day it is being delivered and it will be any time between 09:00-17:00. If you cannot do that day then you will have to wait till we can next group in your area. We cannot give you an more accurate an eta when choosing grouped service.

Lift does not come supplied with hydraulic fluid. This is an additional £45 for 5L and if ordered from us will arrive by separate courier.




**New For 2024 – Low Profile Extension Ramps **

Coming in January we have our next composite up ramp extensions. Ideal for getting low profile cars onto our ramps. But also compatible with many other brands of scissor lifts.

Designed and engineered in the Netherlands out of quality material and built to last.

Priced at £550 inc vat for a set of 4.

Click through gallery to see different pictures and dimensional drawing.

Enquire here for pricing and stock availability

✓ Heavy Duty 3500Kg Capacity
✓ Ideal For Both Private & Commercial Use
✓ Assisted Fulcrom Lifting
✓ Locking Upramps To Increase Platform
✓ 24V Lock Release
✓ Mobility Kit & Rubber Blocks Included

Scissor Vehicle Lift FAQs:

All the information you need to select a scissor lift.

What are dimensions of the LGX35?

What are the Power Requirements for the LGX35 Mid-rise Scissor Lift?

The lift uses a 2.2kw single-phase power unit and as such we fit them with “male” 16 amp commando plugs. To use this lift, customers require a “female” 16 amp socket to plug it into.

Due to the inrush current when the motor first turns, this socket must be installed with a motor-rated fuse (16C or 16D type fuse) in the consumer unit feeding it.

You will find if you do not have the correct fuse and run the LGX35 on a 13 amp fuse instead, that it may operate without load. However, as soon as you put load on it, the fuse will blow.

Do you need a Licence for a car scissor lift in the UK?
No licence is needed. However, training to use a scissor lift is recommended. The only legal regulations for UK vehicle lifts concern maintaining the lift itself.

All vehicle lifts must undergo a regular examination by a competent person. This means an inspection before the first use and every 6 months after that (HSE803/69). Inspections should also take place following ‘exceptional circumstances’ e.g. a failure, damage or after long periods of being out of use.

A competent person is an objective employee of a specialist maintenance company or vehicle lift supplier, who has enough knowledge and experience of vehicle lifts to detect defects, wear or weaknesses and assess their importance to safety and continued use. This should not be the same person who performs routine maintenance, to ensure they are sufficiently impartial in decision-making.

What other types of car lifts do we offer?
At Lift Giant, we offer car repair and parking lifts. Alongside the X10 scissor lift, we provide the following parking lifts:

How does a car scissor lift work?

Our scissor lifts use hydraulics and eccentric cams to provide strong suspension.

The control system pumps hydraulic fluid into a cylinder which pushes the pistons outwards. This piston causes the scissor legs to push apart, applying upward pressure.

The eccentric cam system allows the opposite leg to lift over the stays in the lift base. These stays securely hold the lift when elevated.

What if there is an issue with my car lift?
All Lift Giant lifts come with a 1-year parts warranty as standard. You can also choose to purchase extended warranty packages up to 5 years in length.

As the lift is a piece of mechanical equipment it is important that you understand when purchasing that it will have servicing requirements during its lifetime.
For example, after the first year, the lift requires a change of hydraulic oil.
We are more than happy to talk you through what things you should be doing and at what servicing intervals.

Alternatively, many customers choose to take out our servicing plans which give you the piece of mind knowing we are keeping your lift in the best possible condition. Contact us today to discuss what servicing plan will be best for you.

Do we offer free delivery and installation?
No, delivery and installation are not included. We offer a range of delivery options so customers can choose the most cost-effective option.

As the X10 Repair lift is designed to be portable, no installation is required.

All deliveries are done on a flatbed van with a tail lift and pallet truck with lift. Car scissor lifts are delivered to the driveway so clear access is required. Van will reverse up as close to the garage entrance as possible to deliver but no guarantees are made that they can leave it in your garage.

Named day and timed delivery are only available with express service.

Economy delivery service is up to 4 weeks, may well be sooner than this but this is worse case scenario, you will be given 2 days notice prior to your delivery date that lift is being delivered.

The cost for delivery varies depending on distance. Please get in touch for a personalised quote.

This scissor ift does not come supplied with hydraulic fluid. This is an additional £45 for 5L and if ordered from us will arrive by separate courier.


​Here at Lift Giant, we have three key promises when you buy one of our lifts: low prices, quick turnaround time, and great quality.

Low Prices: By keeping our overheads down to a minimum and using economies of scale when sourcing lifts we are able to beat all other comparable lift suppliers when it comes to price.

Quick turnaround: We have storage both here in the UK and in Holland, with regular container loads of lifts on their way from the factory. This means we will always have your chosen lift either in stock or being delivered very soon. Why wait twelve to fourteen weeks for delivery from other suppliers when you can have your lift in a fraction of that time?

Great quality: Working closely with our factories, we have come up with precise specifications for our lifts, detailing the exact components that go into making them, from the hydraulic hose specification to the sensitivity of the anti-burst valves.

It is this attention to detail that we think sets us apart. Buy from somebody who knows exactly what it is they are supplying you.

Other Services We Offer 

Bespoke Car Lift Design

We know a single approach is not what works for our customers. We offer a bespoke design service to create a car lift that fits your space and your vehicles. Browse our parking lift projects to see what our designs can achieve.

Design Consultation:Telephone or video call consultation allows us to fully understand what your requirement is and discuss your budget.
Proposal: Our design and sales team will use this initial consultation to submit a proposal that we feel matches your brief.
Installation: Our proposal will include an option for your system to be installed by fully trained lift engineers.

Servicing and maintenance

Every car lift requires regular inspections and maintenance. Keep your car lift system in top condition with a Lift Giant servicing package. Our aftersales support will be available when required.

Third-Party Lift Installations

We are happy to help with car lift installation, removal or relocation, whether we made your lift or not. Our installation teams have worked with most types of parking lifts and elevators. Enquire today for a quote for third-party parking lift installations.

We are more than happy to help.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions, our dedicated team at Lift Giant offer years of experience in carparking lift solutions.